March 8th was International Women’s Day, a day that we at VeraSci celebrate the work of a group of remarkable women – women scientists. While Marie Curie usually dominates the women in science conversation, there are many other brilliant women scientists.

  • Not only did Mary-Claire King prove that humans and chimpanzees share 99% of the same genes, but she discovered the BRCA Gene proving that breast cancer can be inherited.
  • After taking x-ray photographs of crystallized DNA, molecular biologist, Rosalind Franklin, discovered that the structure of DNA is in the form of a double helix.
  • As the inventor of the Apgar Score, Virginia Apgar invented a way to quickly assess the health of a newborn child immediately after birth.


These are just a couple of the talented women who have paved the way for our scientists, not just our women scientists, but all of our scientists. VeraSci has always and will continue to seek out only the most qualified scientific talent available to help our clients and their patients, and it just so happens that 50% of our scientists are women.


Among these accomplished women, whose expertise and work encompasses Alzheimer’s Disease, MCI, Dementia, Schizophrenia, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Anxiety, Depression and more, are:


Kathleen Anne Welsh-Bohmer, PhD, AbPP-cn, VP Neurodegenerative Disorders

Alexandra Atkins, PhD, VP Scientific Development

Anzalee Khan, PhD, Senior Director, Data Science

Heather Snyder, Phd, Senior Director, Neurosciences


At VeraSci, we are committed to excellence in our field. The kind of excellence that comes when we embrace all perspectives and defer to the knowledge and expertise of our workforce, no matter their gender. To us, this means doing our part and setting a positive example by highlighting our experienced and talented scientists not only on International Women’s Day, but each and every day of the year.


Learn more about the women and men who make VeraSci what it is here.