NeuroCog Trials, Inc. announces that they have begun work supporting a pharmaceutical company clinical trial to assess cognition in adult patients with phenylketonuria (PKU). The trial will examine the effects of
active drug treatment versus placebo on tests selected from the MATRICS Consensus Cognitive Battery, which was originally developed for schizophrenia clinical trials, and is considered the gold standard battery by the Psychiatry Division of FDA.

Richard Keefe, Ph.D., Founder and CEO of NeuroCog Trials, said, “We are tremendously excited to be a part of this important study. Patients with PKU can experience significant cognitive impairment due to the course of illness and the treatments they receive. Treatments that can improve this devastating component of the illness are sorely needed. Since cognitive assessment is new to many researchers conducting PKU trials, this is a brand new area of innovation. The application of the MATRICS battery to assess cognitive outcomes in PKU is a compelling strategy. We feel that our reputation for dedication to science and data quality is gathering momentum across various medical disciplines. We are honored to be chosen to provide support for this trial.”

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