Supporting Clinical Research in Multiple Sclerosis

Advancing Scientific Innovation in Multiple Sclerosis

With extensive expertise in multiple sclerosis (MS), VeraSci is well-positioned to support clinical trials in MS and other neuroinflammatory diseases. These conditions are difficult to measure, and the challenges they present depend on the stage and severity of the disease. Adequate analysis requires precision in measuring disease outcomes, functional outcomes, and patient-reported outcomes. The most important and most relevant assessments vary with the stage of the disease and the phase of clinical development. The wealth of available treatments in relapsing MS and the paucity of therapies in progressive MS speak to the challenges specific to the progressive form of the disease. It is even more difficult to measure the efficacy of drugs targeting demyelination and neuroprotection. VeraSci has the insight and experience to meet the MS specific challenges that may arise while researching this devastating disease. 

Our highly experienced team brings decades of clinical research and treatment experience to support state-of-the-art clinical trials in multiple sclerosis and other neuroinflammatory diseases. We offer comprehensive start-to-finish services for clinical trials including trial design and regulatory strategy consultation, novel method development, implementation of rigorous assessment and quality assurance procedures, linguistics for multi-national trials, and interpretation of trial results.

Mark Skeen, MD

Senior Medical Scientist

Trina Walker, RN

VP, Clinical Assessment

Dependable Solutions for Global Clinical Trials

VeraSci is not just there in the beginning; we take care of your study objectives and data throughout the entire trial. As your partner, we leverage experience gained through hundreds of trials and ensure the highest quality data, all while anticipating any issues that can derail or delay your study before they arise.


We provide expert solutions in:

Select Endpoints & Assessments for Multiple Sclerosis


EDSS-NS Expanded Disability Status Scale – Neurostatus
Low Contrast Letter Acuity
Multiple Sclerosis Individualized Outcome Assessment


T25FW- Timed 25 Foot Walk
9-HPT- Nine Hole Peg Test


BVMT-R- Brief Visual Memory Test-Revised
CVLT-II- California Verbal Learning Test-Second Edition
SDMT- Symbol Digit Modalities Test


MSIS-29v2- Multiple Sclerosis Impact Scale-29, Version 2
MFIS-5- Modified Fatigue Impact Scale, 5 Item Version

Selecting Outcome Assessments in Multiple Sclerosis

Learn about some of the most frequently used outcome measures in multiple sclerosis trials and factors to consider when selecting the appropriate assessments for a given clinical trial.