Classical analyses of pharmaceutical pipelines from 1990 to 2010 reported increasing attrition rates and duration of clinical trials, leading to a perception of a “productivity crisis” in this sector. However, in contrast, a more recent analysis of over 45,000 projects in the last decade completed by VeraSci’s Dr. Luca Pani and colleagues showed an upsurge in R&D Productivity. This result is largely driven by two factors: company efficiency – in particular aborting studies in early phases – and concentration on high yield projects. The number of new advanced therapy projects are at an all-time high and time to market from initial IND is at an all-time low. This combination will put additional pressure on regulators and payers world-wide. It is therefore essential that sponsors are fully prepared to interact with regulators and payers efficiently and productively. VeraSci’s Regulatory Strategy and Market Access Innovation team led by Dr. Pani can greatly facilitate those interactions.

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