Presented at CTAD and CNS Summit 2018

VeraSci presented results of a recent study utilizing is a brief tablet-based assessment of the paper-and-pencil based Brief Assessment of Cognition (BACS) assessing multiple cognitive domains, including verbal memory, working memory, motor function, verbal fluency, processing speed and executive function. We presented results examining criterion validity for the assessment of cognition in individuals with subjective cognitive decline by assessing the diagnostic sensitivity, specificity and test-retest reliability of the BAC App endpoints.

Psychometric analysis showed intra-class correlations (ICC) for the BAC App composite were strong, ICC>.80 for Young Adults, Older Adults, and individuals with Subjective Cognitive Decline (SCD). Each test had one measure that produced an ICC of 0.74 or greater for the SCD group. The lowest ICC was observed for the Tower of London for the Young Adult and Older Adult groups and the Token Motor for the Subjective Cognitive Decline group. When a cut-off point of 1.5 SD was used, individuals without SCD were accurately identified 86.89% of the time (specificity), with a 90% chance that this identification is accurate (NPV).Findings suggest that the BAC App has good test-retest reliability; individual subtests demonstrate higher test-retest for individuals classified with SCD. The BAC App has good discriminative validity in terms of specificity and predictive value for categorizing SCD.