The Neurostatus-EDSS (EDSS-NS) is a mainstay for clinical trials in Multiple Sclerosis, as an essential endpoint to assess and monitor level of disability over time. This intricate neurological exam includes assessment of seven Functional Systems and Ambulation, with determination of a final EDSS step score. VeraSci has implemented the EDSS-NS on Pathway, our eCOA platform, to greatly facilitate ease of administration and scoring for the clinician.

Key Benefits:

  • An integrated Data Clarification Request (DCR) that reduces data review labor
  • A conveniently located Neurostatus subscore provides the ability to perform a granular analytic review
  • The Functional System Score (FSS) rating is easily accessible for reference to promote the speed and accuracy of score selection
  • Automated data consistency cross-checks and algorithms reduce the number of errors and support upfront data accuracy
  • The Synopsis is provided as a central reference point to guide and track the clinician’s progress through administration, completion, and data clarification to prevent inconsistencies
  • Intuitively designed data capture that is optimized for rapid data entry and is closely aligned with the original Neurostatus scoring sheet and booklet format create a familiar experience that requires minimal training