DURHAM, NC, Nov. 30, 2016 — NeuroCog Trials, the leading cognitive services provider for the clinical trials industry, today announced that it is significantly expanding its presence at its headquarters in Durham. Construction is currently underway to give NeuroCog Trials the entire third floor, in addition to their fourth floor space of the SouthCourt building, totaling approximately 22,500 square feet of workspace.

Expansion became necessary due to the growth of NeuroCog Trials’ language services division, NCT Linguistics, which provides translation, interpretation, and training in 150 languages and widened its scope from the life sciences to the legal, engineering, and government sectors. NCT Linguistics is supported by 1500 certified linguists worldwide.

NeuroCog Trials has also significantly grown its in-house software development team due to the success of their proprietary cognitive and functional assessment tools, the iPad-based BAC App (Brief Assessment of Cognition App) and VRFCAT (Virtual Reality Functional Capacity Assessment Tool). The BAC App and VRFCAT NIH Grant projects, led by co-principal investigators Alexandra Atkins, Ph.D. and Richard Keefe, Ph.D., encompass a multi-year trial that will be conducted at NeuroCog Trials, with participants visiting the headquarters to perform on clinical assessments.

Richard Keefe, Ph.D., Founder, and Chief Executive Officer of NeuroCog Trials, said

“We are excited about getting more talent on board as we have broadened our expertise from schizophrenia to other therapeutic areas such as Alzheimer’s Disease, Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI), multiple sclerosis, depression, and high-risk for psychosis. The BAC App and VRFCAT have been very well-received and are now being used as endpoints in multiple clinical trials, which necessitated additional capacity for our software development, scientific, and linguistics teams. Expanding our talent base and workspace positions us well for further growth of our domestic and global footprint.”

About our parent company NeuroCog Trials

NeuroCog Trials has been the leading cognition services company for the pharmaceutical industry for over 10 years and has provided consulting, site screening, rater training and certification, translation, and data review services for more than 100 clinical trials in over 25 countries.

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