Welcome to the second installment of our three-part blog series highlighting the importance of choosing the right language services partner.



Interpretation goes beyond the word-for-word translation of a spoken or written message. Sentence structure differs from language to language, and word-for-word translations often make very little sense to the target audience.

Interpretation is all about paraphrasing. Interpreters need to transpose the source language within context while preserving its original meaning. Rephrasing jargon and culturally-specific expressions in ways the target audience can understand is part language skill and part cultural awareness.

Interpreters deliver their messages on the spot with no help from scripts, dictionaries, or other reference materials. They rely solely on their experience, memory, and agile reflexes. Poor and inaccurate interpretations can damage the validity of data and create roadblocks to meeting critical deadlines.

In addition to the stringent nationally and internationally recognized certification process required of all VeraSci interpreters, many of them are specialists in their field and considered subject matter experts. A considerable number have direct clinical trials experience, bringing context that elevates accuracy and understanding.

In settings like an Investigator Meeting for a global clinical trial, it is absolutely crucial that all sites receive consistent information to ensure that the data collection process does not deviate from the standard. Because of their clinical trials experience, VeraSci interpreters understand the nuances required in interpreting instructions so that site personnel perform trial-related tasks consistently and data quality is protected.

In addition to interpretation services, VeraSci specializes in translation, localization, and training in over 150 languages. Check back next week to learn how localization and cultural adaptation can help to enhance any real signal in a clinical trial.

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