Welcome to the third and final installment of our three-part blog series highlighting the importance of choosing the right language services partner.

Cultural Adaptation and Localization

Cultural adaptation and localization of clinical trial translations can be pivotal components to the success of a clinical trial. Localization and cultural adaptation go beyond textual translation and modify content for regional and/or local consumption. Localization modifies content and elements of a trial to appeal to patient’s cultural preferences in their own local language.

Cultural adaptation and localization services are just as important as translation services to accurately represent the implementation and outcomes of a clinical trial. Cultural adaptation can improve the quality of formally translated instruments by ensuring tasks, stimuli, instructions and, scoring are appropriate for populations of interest. Detailed attention to these issues is likely to enhance any real signal in a clinical trial, where the translated instrument serves as an endpoint.

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Using VeraSci’s methods for cultural adaptation, errors can be identified and corrected prior to use in clinical trials, yielding gains in the reliability and validity of translated instruments and avoiding costly delays. Our linguistic experts bring not only translation skills and cultural awareness to each project, but clinical trials experience as well, ensuring that the information provided does what it should do: enable trial participant understanding.

Accurate translation, interpretation, and cultural adaptation are vital to a successful global clinical trial. By working together with sponsors, regulatory committees and other suppliers of research-related services, VeraSci can cut costs, help you to meet critical trial deadlines, and ensure successful international clinical trials.

5 Benefits of Using VeraSci for Global Language Services

  • Quality: KPI of 99% first-time accuracy for all translations done by humans. Our unique workflow includes quality assurance oversight by a team of PhD-level scientists as well as in-house software development and information technology teams, ensuring that the complexities of medical and technical terminologies are correctly translated.
  • Clinical Trial Expertise: Our linguists are often specialists in their field and are considered subject matter experts. They must pass a stringent nationally and internationally recognized certification process and are supported by a team of PhDs and clinical professionals to guarantee scientifically accurate translations at all times. VeraSci has extensive experience in executing large multi-year projects around the globe and is dedicated to ensuring the highest level of language services delivered at the pace to support global clinical trials.
  • Customer Satisfaction: At VeraSci, we go beyond the industry standard to provide a higher level of translation accuracy and agility by delivering customer-focused solutions and processes.
  • On-Time Delivery: Our 100% on-time delivery metric illustrates our commitment to meeting deadlines. Guaranteed quicker turnaround times due to in-house linguistic assets and centralized project management operations
  • Competitive Pricing: VeraSci’s long-term relationships with our expert team of linguists allows us to obtain lower cost, giving us the flexibility to meet client requirements and customize project approach to meet budget requirements.


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