The COVID-19 pandemic and associated social distancing measures are creating unprecedented challenges for everyone working in clinical trials and drug development. In this series, we’re sharing some of the ways VeraSci is addressing these challenges. As we coordinate new ways to continue working safely, clear communication is a bigger priority than ever before. Efficient, high-quality translations and cultural adaptation are crucial to the creation of remote solutions for international clinical trials. Accurate translations can eliminate communication barriers as studies revise their protocols and processes.

Remote Assessments

With many subjects and site staff staying home for social distancing and regulators becoming more flexible in response to this crisis, remote assessments have become a viable way for some trials to keep collecting data. Existing assessments may need to be adapted to digital formats and then translated according to the region where they will be deployed. There will also be new instructions regarding remote assessments that will have to be prepared for subjects and caregivers all over the world.

Global Rater Training

New studies are canceling their in-person investigator meetings (IM) where raters and investigators would typically be trained on study protocols and certified on the clinical and cognitive assessments used in the trial. Many of these IMs will now happen virtually. Rater training for some assessments can often be done over the phone or via video call. Still, the additional talks and activities of an IM where an interpreter would usually be present will have to be adapted and translated. Raters and site staff will also need access to remote interpreters who understand the clinical trial study and can assist with training raters in their native languages.

Tech Support

The transition to working from home means telehealth services are the safer alternative to in-person visits to administer assessments for clinical trials. Patients and sites may need training materials and guidelines translated into multiple languages for the use of communication tools like Skype, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom for Healthcare. Technical expertise and guidance will be needed to smooth the transition to online operations for clinical trials, and tech support will need to be available in the user’s native language to ensure that any issues that arise with software or devices can be resolved quickly regardless of the language or country of origin.


While in the midst of this pandemic, there is no time to wait for high-quality scientific translations. It is essential to work with knowledgeable linguists who can efficiently create accurate translations to keep global teams connected. Communication is the key to success as the drug development industry weathers the significant changes caused by COVID-19. VeraSci is the only language services provider with linguists, subject matter experts, scientists, clinicians, regulators, and software developers in-house. We are also ISO 17100:2015 certified.

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