Supporting Clinical Research in Dermatology

Clinical trials in dermatology present unique challenges. Many of the commonly used scales require the subjective judgment of the rater, making the training and calibration of raters critical. Enhanced technology tools, such as those available on our Pathway eCOA platform, can increase data quality by allowing raters to view images showing the progression of the patient’s condition over time while reducing the burden on the rater.

Dependable Solutions for Global Clinical Trials

VeraSci is not just there in the beginning; we take care of your study objectives and data throughout the entire trial. As your partner, we leverage experience gained through hundreds of trials and ensure the highest quality data, all while anticipating any issues that can derail or delay your study before they arise.


We provide expert solutions in:

Select Endpoints & Assessments for Dermatology Trials


EASI– Eczema Area Severity Index
LRAG– Leeds Revised Acne Grading
PASI– Psoriasis Area and Severity Index
POEM– Patient-Oriented Eczema Measure
SALT– Severity of Alopecia Tool
SCORAD– Scoring Atopic Dermatitis