As CNS Summit came to an end, we left inspired to continue the conversation on emerging industry trends, disruptive technology, and global regulations. 

From addressing the future of digital biomarkers and wearables to the regulatory implications of international data capture, NeuroCog Trials was thrilled to participate in a conference focused on what matters most, enabling the successful development and approval of therapies that provide clinically meaningful outcomes through innovative technology and trial design.

While there were many opinions on the timeline of technological disruption, NCT’s presentations during the Technology and Future of Cognition session provided insight into the latest mobile assessments, novel endpoints, and the importance of understanding the regulators perspective on digital adoption.

Check out our presentations below and don’t forget to sign up for CNS Summit 2018!

Technology and the Future of Cognition

Strategies for Assessing Cognition in Clinical Trials for Non-CNS Disorders