Difficulty inhibiting context-inappropriate behavior is a common deficit in psychotic disorders. The diagnostic specificity of this impairment, its familiality, and its degree of independence from the generalized cognitive deficit associated with psychotic disorders remain to be clarified. Schizophrenia, schizoaffective and bipolar patients with history of psychosis (n=523), their available first-degree biological relatives (n=656), and healthy participants (n=223) from the multi-site B-SNIP study completed a manual Stop Signal task.

Ethridge LE, Soilleux M, Nakonezny PA, Reilly JL, Hill SK, Keefe RSE, Gershon ES, Pearlson GD, Tamminga CA, Keshavan MS, Sweeney JA. Behavioral response inhibition in psychotic disorder: Diagnostic specificity, familiarlity and relation to generalized cognitive deficit.  Schizophrenia Research, 2014; 159(2-3): 491-498.  (PMCID:  PMC4253557).